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Sax Tracks
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Custom saxophone or wind synth tracks for your CD, demo, jingle, film, or any other audio production. Cost may vary depending on the situation, and is negotiable, but is most commonly $150 per song.

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Hourly Rate
  • Hourly Rate
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If your project falls outside of the norm or if you require multiple revisions, the standard rate is $75/hr. Charley will let you know if this situation applies to you before starting work.

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To arrange for Charley to play on your song, please email him using the form below. Here are some things to keep in mind:

You will need to make a stereo mix of your song and save it as a .wav file. The stereo mix can be a 'rough' mix since it's just meant to provide a reference to play to. Additionally, even though it is not necessary, it is helpful if you record to a bars and beats grid and provide the song tempo so that parts can be easily aligned in the software. If the tracks were played to a recorded click track, please send a separate file with just the click track on it.

We will start recording the sax at the same starting point used in your reference mix. When you receive the sax track back, all you have to do is place it in your software at the same starting point. It will automatically line up if your reference mix is a .wav file. While it is possible to use an mp3 reference mix, we can't guarantee that you will be able to line up the tracks properly due to the extra information that is added to the beginning of the mp3 file (i.e., if you compare your original .wav file to the mp3, you will note that the audio in the mp3 is delayed). If you send an mp3, we will, if possible, place a bit of your stereo mix at the front of the sax track to help you line things up.

We can easily work with files at 16 or 24 bit and 44.1 or 48 khz. We don't typically work at 88.2 or 96 khz, but those are options also. If you are sending the files on CD or DVD, and if you are using a Mac, you need to burn the CD using the ISO-9660 burning standard, which allows CDs to be read on either the Mac or Windows platform (check your burning software's options for that).

If you want Charley to play a specific line, you can send a written chart or MIDI file. You could also send a rough recording of the line, but there may be an extra charge for transcribing it, depending on length and complexity. Even if you don't have something specific in mind, a chord chart is usually helpful. If you would like to hear a part similar to something on another CD, you can supply a copy of that song. You may also give some rough verbal or written instructions about what you'd like, leave it up to Charley to play what he think sounds best, or use any combination of the above.

There are a few ways to send your song. One is to simply by burn .wav files onto a CD-ROM or DVD and send them via "snail mail". Another is to upload them to a server that you have access to and provide the URL (website address) where they can be downloaded. Still another is to use a service such as YouSendIt ( or SendThisFile ( that allows you to upload files of up to 1 GB for free. If you use YouSendIt or SendThisFile, Charley will receive a notification via e-mail when the file(s) are available for download.

Finally...if you don't like what Charley played, simply let him know what you would like done differently, and he will re-do the track so that you are happy with it. This is included in the $75 fee for a typical song. We can't include in the $75 fee, however, multiple revisions because you've changed your mind about what you wanted, or because you have some unreasonable expectation or requirement.