An instantly infectious set full of exuberance, hope, optimism, and even a bit of sensual romance. . . . by far, the best indie contemporary jazz set of 2017!”

— Jonathan Widran, music journalist

Charley Langer

Since the release in 2010 of his acclaimed debut album, Never the Same, Charley Langer has kept busy, gigging on the Northern California winery circuit with guitarist Kurt Shiflet and performing in the award-winning tribute band, Steelin’ Dan. Never the Same earned the multi-talented saxophonist a sizeable fan base. Its title track received significant airplay on smooth jazz radio and the Weather Channel.

Langer is blazing into 2017 with an exuberantly infectious, playfully grooving new full-length album, Happy Hour. While he refers to the eclectic Never the Same as “an art project with some very hot players,” he has upped his game with radio-ready, urban jazz magic, courtesy of fresh collaboration with guitarist and producer Nils—one of smooth jazz’s top artists and producers.

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Clips from a recent cocktail party. It looks and sounds like cell phone video because it is cell phone video. But it's live, and it's real!!


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